So! I have a post prompt that I thought of finally!

Prompt 2/18/17: When was the last time you wrote? Creatively, I mean, not for school or a rant (because goodness knows at least I write out my existential crises and analytical angst way more than I should).

I actually got writing last week, on a project that had been sitting untouched for… at least a year now, only because I happened to open Google Docs to work on an essay and there it was, still waiting for me. I was eager enough to procrastinate and inspired enough by the reading I’d been doing to motivate me to first write a pre-bio (it’s complicated) for one of the characters, and then to add a little bit onto the project. By now, I’ve gotten a whopping page and a half done. :p (Really I just want this fight scene to be done so I can get the plot moving again. x_x) But at least I’m writing again! Ooh, and drawing! I’ll post some of my art in a minute in case you all want to see. :3