an update on lily’s life

hiyaa I thought i should write this so you guys know what’s going on with me because I feel like I haven’t done this in a while. Also it’s nice to write something for fun instead of  for school

sooo college/sixth form:

-is a lot lot better than years 7-11

-quite stressful but not as much as i thought it would be

-if i ranked my subjects from best to worst it would probably go english, psychology and then history

-in english i studied a streetcar named desire and i really liked it

-i’ve made so many new friends and i’m honestly so happy.especially because i was so unhappy at the start of the year

-BUT they are starting to talk a lot about universities now and i’m still confused on the degree i want to take.

me in general:

-this is random but my make up skills have definitely improved so im glad

-the last film i watched was gone girl and the series im currently watching is how to get away with murder. And both of them are amazing.

-i haven’t read any books recently. has anyone have any suggestions??

-ive been listening to the spice girls recently?? idk

-also ive been meaning to cut my hair for sooo long. i think i might just go for it lol.


alright that’s it bye xx