Post Prompt 31/1/17: Are you an organised person? How do you organise your time?

I’m… not organised at all, actually, which is why I’m asking! I have no idea how to properly manage my time. I make timetables for things like revision but struggle so hard to follow them. My sister bought me this gorgeous, gorgeous diary (by this place: and now I’m super motivated and want to keep track of my time. It is a January – December diary, and I know February starts tomorrow, but it’s fine. I did only get it through a lot of complaining, so I really hope I don’t waste her money and abandon it two days in.

Mare xx

(On a side note, it’s kind of strange for me to go by paperclip, I don’t mind if you do call me it, it just feels weird. My name is Maryam but I go by Mare online and my friends call me Mare. So yeah. I’ll keep the username cause Nostalgia but yeah.)