im gonna write an actual life update post bc i mcfreakin hate my life

im still really alone. ex-best friend has decided to take all of my other friends from me and for some reason they’re going with her even though they’ve literally told me they know she’s in the wrong and i’m in the right, just because she is so manipulative and makes everyone so worried about her (i say this from experience of having been the #1 person manipulated by her) that they can’t leave her alone bc they’d feel really guilty for…. letting her leave when she wants to. so instead she leaves and everyone leaves with her and i’m alone and she’s smug and tells me she’s being reasonable and not hurting anybody bc she’s forming a “new group of friends” instead of kicking me out of my own group of friends that i… brought her to

other, new best friend i guess, that i made out with once and i have a thing going now. that’s nice. i love him a lot and he’s making it all a lot easier for me. the only thing is, he got out of a multi-year relationship 2.5 months ago (though his ex-girlfriend had been ignoring him and treating him terribly for about a month before officially breaking up with him and they hadn’t really communicated much for months before that) but anyway all of that leads to the fact that he’s scared of a relationship right now and also again i stg this is really really personal stuff for me to be posting publicly on the internet and i’m only doing it because the only people who will ever see this who know him are me and jenny so please jenny don’t you dare talk to anyone about any of this.

my school grades are terrible so there’s that

i’m moving in less than two weeks

my parents just don’t stop hurting me

it’s all really bad basically
i mcfreaking hate myself