October in LA has been pretty hot. Our weather is also very finicky in the way that the hottest day of one week will have a high of 95, and the coldest will have a high of 77 or something.

Now, it’s what many in California consider wintery weather. It’s the start of eggnog season, and Seth and I bought our first carton of pumpkin spice eggnog for the year. And yesterday we stopped by a couple stores that had Chirstmasy stuff already. Because it feels like Christmas now.

And, y’know. Of course, feels like Christmas means it’s 65 degrees right now and it’s a bit overcast.

It feels really nice, nevertheless, because I think a lot of people in SoCal are used to the weather being pretty stagnant. If you’re not used to it, you might not tell much of a difference between summer and winter. The changes are subtle, but seeing the changing of the seasons in my new home feels special and beautiful. Even if it is just a bit cloudy.

How’s everyone doing?