Hi guys!

no im not procrastinating on calculus at 10:45 at night shh

So I have an ask blog now, and you all should ask stuff so my characters have things to respond to! :3 Drawing is like the only pastime I have time for these days since I can do it whenever I’m sitting and not actively doing homework and taking notes (i.e. during class, club meetings, on the bus, etc.). And I really enjoy answering all sorts of questions, so I hope you guys come up with some cool ideas! ^^

Link: >>> askthelopcrew.tumblr.com

As for other stuff, semi-dead today. Apparently I have allergies here really badly when I barely had them in Cali. -.- And I finally got home around 10 from my last club (worth it though; it’s D&D ^-^) and still have a homework assignment to do. And I’m supposed to take a shower tonight. ._. See this is why I have failed at my goal of becoming a morning person in college. That and the fact that my significant other is too adorable and interesting and *far* too awake until 4 in the morning every night and it’s like the only time I have to Skype him. >-> At least I never have to wake up as early as I did in high school. In retrospect, I can’t believe I survived being an upperclassman (upperclasswoman? Whatevs).

Heyyy, random thought: any Undertale fans here by any chance?