*awkward little wave* Hey guys!

So admittedly, I totally forgot about this place for a few months. ^^” Forgot about most websites I frequent, actually. Life is pretty crazy at the moment. I’m jumping through hoops for a kind of sadistic English teacher with a control complex, for one thing. But on a much better note, my school music ensemble is getting like a gig a week (at some really important places!), and practice is pretty demanding; also, I’m writing a lot for my Creative Writing class – I’d never taken a writing class before, and it’s phenomenal ^-^ – and building robots and spending time with sis and all my friends, particularly my best friend Kattly and my other best friend/adoptive cousin/moirail/possibly unoffic… you know what? I have honestly no idea how to define that anymore. Let’s just call him my vampire. My vampire, Mavro. X3 Oh, and drawing. Drawing a ton. I’m getting much better, too. I’m almost good enough to consider myself an artist! c:

So, what I came on here to notify you guys about: I’m getting published! ^<^ Well, in a small way. My Creative Writing II class (I never took Creative Writing I, but I got in because reasons) is compiling a book of stories and poems and memoirs written by the students and selling it on Amazon! Apparently they do this every year. My story shall be in there, as well as nineteen others. I'm really rather proud of how it turned out (and I did a bunch of concept art for my main character, of course). Anyway, I'll have to decide whether it's "Internet-safe" to direct you guys to purchase it when it's out, if you want. Maaaybe. You'd know what school I go to, though, and given that (most of) you already know my first name, you could get my first and last and hypothetically learn all sorts of personal information about me and… heh, maybe not the best idea. Perhaps I'll just post the story up here for you guys to read for free, or something. :-,

Good to see you all seem to be doing well! :3


P.S. I finished the whole Ember series, by the way. I LOVE. THOSE. BOOKS. 🐱