Lemon’s post about 2016 was so good. Now I wanna say something. 😄 It’s probably not going to be as long or as sappy, because I will probably save that for the future. But remember the Terces neighborhood? Either that or it was the Terces mansion, where we said we were going to take over the white house? Remember all of the active members? Remember Nigeus and Dren and the big reveal? Remember the original emojis? Remember the nerd chats? Remember the daily posts? Remember when you would log onto Terces on a daily and smile at all of the posts being written and everyone nerding out or posting updates on their life? (Remember when I was violinplayer10101 and I refused to change my profile picture?)

Those were the reasons that I loved this site. Those ARE the reasons that I love this site. Even though old members have retired or are inactive, this community still holds a special place in my heart. I will always remember the good times we’ve had on here. When I wasn’t reading, I would come on here to escape from the world and just talk about anything and everything, because you guys are my family. I think of you all as true friends, people that I never want to see leave from my life.

And even if we never get to meet in real life (except Lemon, obviously XD) or I haven’t skyped you (like that awkward twenty minute Skype call with SD) or seen your face in a picture (like Lily because Instagram), you guys will always be considered my real, true friends.

Thank you for being my friend. Now I feel like crying. (But I won’t, because I still have to study for finals.)