So. 2016 starts tomorrow. Which is absolutely crazy, because honestly the me that lived through the peak of this site, who read the secret series and counted down to the release of the fifth book, who lived through my Doctor Who and Nerdfighteria phases with all of you, could not have ever imagined this. Because 2016… wow. I mean, obviously, I knew 2016 would come but I never thought about what it would feel like to be here, at the point were most of my life is memories and nostalgia but the things that will later become my grander scheme memories have not happened yet. Teenagerhood is often thought of as a wall, a jump discontinuity, a vertical asymptote- a short period of extreme change, a skip from one part of your life to another. Now I realize that it is in some ways a pause. Nothing happens for now, anymore, only for the future. Everything is in the past and yet as any adult would hasten to tell me, everything is yet to come.

I have grown so much- in this year, in this community, in my life. And I’ve felt myself changing and I know that I will continue to. I know that this website will continue to fade out of my life but it feels nice to keep this thread connecting us, pulling me back to the people that made me me and the me who I was, arrogance and bad study habits and Doctor Who obsession and all.

I know you’ve all grown too, and in some ways I lost sight of you. And it’s fascinating and weird to see that we influenced each others growth but didn’t understand it. And so many of you have dropped out of my life entirely but have not dropped out of me entirely. And maybe I’ve been important to some of you in ways I’ve never known.

I hope 2016 brings all of you the best. This is the real deal, the “we-are-now-becoming-adults” year, the time when we finally see if we’ll stay connected even in this bare forgotten way. To all of you seniors, I hope you get accepted into your top schools and get to live your dreams. I hope your first ventures into living alone aren’t too scary. Keep me updated. To everyone- I wish for you to have a fantastic year, and to become a step or several closer to the person you want to be.

I love you,