Being a high school senior is fun

So. I just spent the majority of my most recent paycheck on college apps. And I was just hired at my second job. Finals are approaching. I have one college deadline Nov 15th, six more Dec 1st, my counselor needs to resend my transcripts to my Early Decision college (she miscalculated my GPA), and then I need to write one more essay and send all my community college transcripts and we’re selling the house gahhhhhhh.

Oh well–December will be here soon and that’ll be a nice little break. Boyfriend and I are excited for Veteran’s Day because it’s the first time in forever that we don’t have work or school (my primary job is at our community college campus, so when there’s no school in session, I’m not working). Not sure exactly what we’ll be doing, but I’m excited.
Anyway! How is everyone? I saw a few new posts so I’m going to hopefully be responding today. Most of the schools I’m applying to are in New York, and the CUNY (City University of New York) system just kicked me out because I entered in the wrong password twice so now I have an hour of waiting impatiently to get back in aghhhhhh