things not to say 2 ur crushes that i have almost said 2 mine: (///aka i suck at life)
-“the first time i heard abt u b4 i actually met u was bc a mutual friend of our who you don’t even know i know had a long long crush on u and wrote a poem abt u which i read and helped him edit”
-“remember how you off-handedly told me 2 weeks ago that i have no chill? well, i have found a person in our school of 2000 who has less chill than me”
-“i felt so bad abt the fact that u’ve seen me having anxiety attacks more than u’ve seen me normal that i went to the library and checked out a novel abt a girl with anxiety getting into a relationship with a really sweet neurotypical nerd boy who was initially freaked out by her and muttered ‘this could b us’ under my breath as i read it”