Hey guys… music ethics: how do they work?
I never really questioned it until recently (derp), but I’m starting to think that downloading every song I want from Youtube is seriously Wrong. I deleted them, and I’m going to talk to my dad about it as well, but what are your thoughts? Mostly, I’m confused about the gray areas – like if my sister has a CD, is it “bad” to borrow it and download a song that I like from it? That seems to be a pretty reasonable action to me, but I don’t know… or if there’s a version of a song for sale on the Internet, but I like a different version that’s only posted on Youtube (with just a few differences) better, is it “bad” to download that one for free instead? Or if I like one song, on an album of about 60 tracks, but all that’s available to buy is the whole thing for a rather large amount of money? It’s not worth it to spend $15 on a single song that I actually wish to buy, so do I suck it up and just not get it at all? Or what if a song is only available for purchase on a shady site that I’m worried will give my computer a virus or something? Then am I “allowed” to get it for free?
I think this will be an interesting discussion, and you all probably know more about it than I do. :3 I’d like to figure out both what the socially acceptable “norm” is, and what is actually right/wrong to do by my own ethical standards.