Hey guys! Time to jump on the Massive Update bandwagon here.
This has been my summer:
~I took a trip up to Oregon and Washington with my dad to look at colleges and visit Crater Lake and stuff. Although I’ve got about 11 colleges on the table, I absolutely love Western Washington University and it’s my first choice. :3
~Once we got home, I had one week free and then left with my mom and my sister to drive up into the mountains for a music camp. I now officially call myself a Percussionist. And, of course, I love it there because TREES! I also made a few friends there, although the one I got along with the very best left the second day. :/ But anyways, I had fun, and then we stayed at a friend’s house and visited more colleges. I made friends with Mom’s friend’s daughter, also, who is a supercool nerd. (She also made me start reading Homestuck… now I’m almost to Act 6 and why am I even doing this it’s such a waste of time blargh.)
~Now I’m home from both those things, and I have done the following:
*read Homestuck, as I mentioned (with commentary from two of my friends – one gives really cryptic hints and foreshadows, and the other one does the same thing in pun form, although he’s actually actively helpful in explaining things once in a while)
*CLEANED MY ENTIRE ROOM. I finished last night and I’m so proud because the last time I did that I was like ten or something ridiculously young. And now it’s perfect. Well, it will be once I get stuff back up on my walls.
*procrastinated on beginning driving lessons/community service/summer assignments (I’ll start all those things this week prob’ly)
*Online roleplay! πŸ˜€ At the moment, I’m busy on the RPG Collective and the Omniverse. Anyone want to join me? ^-^
*started learning how to read people’s auras. Yeah, I know it sounds weird. It kind of is. I’m being mentored by one of the aforementioned friends, who was born with the ability to do so (I never actually knew that about him until a couple weeks ago). But I *think* it’s working, in a fuzzy vague slippery half-imaginary way. I’m still just beginning. ^^”
*enjoyed the lovely thunderstorm this morning which is incredibly uncommon where I live, but awesome.
*updated on the Terces society! :3