My hair is blue today. :3 Well, at the ends, anyway. I did it myself. ^^
Also, school starts tomorrow! Agh! Although I do miss my friends. :/ I still have a LOT to do today, though.
(So why am I sitting here blogging? Because reasons. Technically, I’m waiting for breakfast.)
I also got my PSAT scores back. I always wish I did better in math, but hey, I’m still in the 95th percentile of the state. It’s just too bad I always do better in the Critical Reading area, since I’m more of a math person. >_> In case you don’t know what the PSAT is, it’s a prep test for the SAT, which colleges look at your scores for when you apply. So, y’know, it’s important and all.

EDIT: So. There was no school today. … I didn’t know. I’M SO HAPPEH :’D