Hey. My name is Robin. And I’m really obnoxious and boy crazy. (Insert peace sign emoji here)

Uh. So. I guess we’re doing life updates. Sounds chill.

I just spent a week at college. I met boys. We’re friends. Life is chill. I met girls. We’re friends. Life is chill.
I have a stress fracture.
I eat a lot of Doritos lately.
I’m pretty into wombats. They’re pretty cool animals.
I didn’t grow out of anything besides my light up sneakers last time I checked but hey maybe I’m biased. 😉
I have words like to say. When don’t I. No psych or thoughts behind these things. Just what I’d like to say.

Life hands people some screwed up stuff sometimes. And you know what. I lived a lot of weird crap this past year. And stuff changes. And I’m really freaking happy with who I am right now, how I look, and what my friend group and future look like. I understand that change is super duper scary for a lot of people. Hell, it’s scary when you live it. But you know what. The one thing this year taught me above else is that what other people do and say does not have to affect you at all. And when someone begins to live their life how they want to, if they’re not harming you in a way that you cannot move on from, avoid, or peacefully confront, you let them be. And you don’t judge. Because you have no idea what’s going on with people a lot of the time, and it might be really hard for them to be who they are. And if you decide you have an issue with who they are because IT’S DIFFERENT OR NOT WHO YOU ARE there is a problem. And it’s not with the other person.

Good talk.

It is my greatest of hopes that you all are safe, happy, and living life how YOU want it to be. Don’t let the negative vibes of others bring you down because there is nothing you guys deserve besides total happiness. I look forward to hopefully continuing to know you guys are growing up, changing, and learning. Because what is life without forward movement.The best of luck navigating the waters of life until I talk to you guys again.

“If life is just a gamble
Gamble if you want to win”