So I just searched my name in the search box, just to see how many times it came up. Well, I lost count, but it hasn’t been used since 2012, anyway. But anyhoo, reading our old posts, I was actually cracking up. Out loud. In a HOTEL LOBBY. 😄 I don’t laugh out loud that often. (The last thing online I laughed at was the Let it Go Google Translate version.) … Why isn’t the site still that active? Where in the web is Robin, anyway? Or SD, most importantly? Back then we had conversations of about five people going on at once. … Perhaps… we should schedule one? Before everybody goes back to school? Just a thought… (But still no using my real name. ._.) At least you’re still around, Paperclip. And Mina and Kenny, sometimes. And Lily and Zorganoth (what was her most recent UN?) sometimes, too, I just realized. (Mina and Kenny. T_T Stupid phone…) But anyway, all at once would be a pretty good turnout, you know… and maybe I could email SD, if her email address hasn’t changed. In the past two years since I’ve seen her. (Wow. How did that happen??? D:)