Hey. This place has been dead recently.

So basically the Arctic Monkeys are a big problem and asdfghjkl; Alex Turner ackkkkkkkkkkk

I made a music tumblr that’s mainly devoted to Bastille/the Arctic Monkeys/Walk The Moon. It’s http://lips-likethegalaxiesedge.tumblr.com/, but appropriateness warning? Sort of? Cause it has lyrics which are occasionally very um and also my tags are where i rant about Alex Turner and yeah it’s a mess

OOH ARCTIC MONKEYS TIME (pg13 proceed with caution) :

So Leyla and I went to see the symphony orchestra of our city. It was quite fun, as I believe she is the only person who doesn’t immediately write me off as crazy as soon as I start categorizing songs by their color/ trying to think of a theme/ writing poetry to the rhythm/ etc. I really love Beethoven’s Second Concerto; it makes me think of the stars in the sky, and particularly of the line in Doctor Who where Idris says “Are all humans like this? So much bigger on the inside?” I just remember sitting there and thinking that I am made of that music.

Any good music, whether classical or rock, that you’ve heard recently?