(Continued updates because I had to go eat)

I miss having nerd chats, and seeing the black and white notification thingy that WordPress always does whenever someone comments while you’re online.

I found out that my favorite voice/singing voice is Dan Smith’s. Seriously though.

I started a new blog on January 1st, and I’ve been posting there a lot more recently than on Artsy Peacock, which kind of went down hill, but I can’t really say that, since I have, what, 101 followers? But I just felt that I was this: wjasligjalfkdjadskfdlasfkjslfjlfjslfjsentimentalnostalgiaclichethingsgaaahasdfghjkl; while on in unison (yes, that’s the blog name) I’m like this: Oh. Hi! I’m Jenny. ๐Ÿ˜„ Okay, that probably didn’t make sense, but it kind of made sense to me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that on Artsy Peacock, I felt as though I was forced to follow the blogging trends! I didn’t like that! (Okay, so I admit that I still follow some of them, but only because I truly like them.) So here it is, and because I couldn’t think up of a more creative blog URL and the obvious ones were already taken: http://inunisonblog.blogspot.com/

*pales* Shoot, the last time I posted was a week ago. Oops. Oh well. It’s my own blog anyway…#idowhatiwant ๐Ÿ˜„

But seriously though, you guys, blogging is so neat! ^w^ Just saying. (:

As for Battle of the Books, I was originally deciding to do it, but then our team (Caitlin, Marguerite, Nina, and I) decided to quit, because we’ve been having…situations. We all agreed to it, however, because personally, I feel like reading what I feel like reading. Recently, it’s been rereading books! I’m hoping to read 100 books by the end of 2014. I’m 2 books behind. I say that that’s pretty good, for me. I’ve read 5 books already, though! *little cheer*

Hope to chat with you guys and read all the posts I missed soon!
Have a wonderful day and think magical thoughts,