My Fandoms

I figured I should probably list these, so you know what they are if I start squeeing about them at any point.


Avalon Web of Magic – A book series about three mage girls who go off to save the universe with the help of their animal and humanoid friends from another dimension. See my last post. (Fantasy, not Sci-Fi.) Admittedly, my favorite series, though I do notice its flaws. The art for books 1-8 is great (after that, the author hired someone else who I didn’t like as much), and it’s just so cool!!! :mrgreen:

Tale of Dragons – The website where I spend almost all of my Internet time these days. I’m probably the most active member on the forum, also. I recommend you check it out. ^-^ We finally have a roleplay going! 😀

Frozen – Need I say more? ELSA!!! *squeeee* Ahem. Great movie. Go watch it. Also connected to this is Disney Infinity, which is an Xbox game my sister got for Christmas. It’s what we usually do together nowadays. I generally use Elsa as my character now – it took about 20 trips to different stores to find her and Anna (my sister’s favorite character) in the Frozen boxed set. O_o I think it might’ve been limited edition, or something. Dad finally found them at Walmart, where we hadn’t checked because we never shop there unless it’s a dire situation. 😄 But yeah, that’s fun too.

MLPFiM – Yeah. My sister got me involved in it. I think it’s really funny, and there’s pretty good character development. I collect the two-inch mini figures. I still can’t decide on my favorite character! That’s really unusual for me, but they’re all great in different ways. I’m less embarrassed about liking the show because there’s such a ginormous fan base.


Harry Potter – I sure hope everyone knows what this is! It was big with a lot of my friends at some point, and I think it’s a very good series. I’m on Pottermore, and recently (I received it the day before yesterday) I also bought this off Amazon:
It’s cool. :3 I’m not like a screaming fan of the series, or anything. I really like it, though. RAVENCLAW! 😀

Minecraft – I got the Xbox version for Christmas. It’s quite fun. I play it pretty often. I’m not crazy about it, though. At this point, I’m building a castle out of glass. ^_^ It’s best when it snows. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to get new avatars in-game other than just the different Steves. I think you have to have Xbox Live or something. Oh well.

The Secret Series – Yeah. Sorry it’s minor, guys. It is an awesome series, but I’m not totally crazy about it. o’-‘o So yup. Good books. But of course you knew that.

Percy Jackson – Mostly because of my best friend, who’s a HUGE fan. I think it’s a fun storyline, though the characters are fairly two-dimensional. I have started a sort of fanfic/prequel though. (It kinda fell flat when Elsa was invented. I had a character basically exactly like her, power-wise. Daughter of Khione. She was supposed to be the main character. Now it would be considered a rip-off. T_T Well, there were holes in it anyways.)

Wizard101 – Online game you can download. Superfun if you like MMORPG. This one kinda fluctuates between major and minor, depending on how often I play it. I go on and off being obsessed with it. Currently off. I’m level 33 now, I think. :3 Ice! 😀 I like drawing the different school symbols. Making an ice symbol necklace is on my bucket list. ^-^

There are more, but they’re minor enough and so little involved in my daily life that I didn’t think I needed to mention them. I think that’s it then.