So hai.

I just finally almost caught up to all the everything I’d missed. 3 pages of blogness. O_o What’s with all the… well, I wouldn’t call it “drama.” More “fangirling” without the celebrity part. ❓

I think I’m gonna post another philosophical thingy soon.

I just reread the first two Mysterious Benedict Society books. …Why do I like Constance? I don’t get it. But in the 2nd book I actually like her. I like all the protagonist characters. Except that Sticky can get annoying occasionally. Anyway, the first book has inspired me to do some thinking, hence the post coming up.

Oh, and who here has seen Frozen AND Tangled? I did a comparison thingy that I want to put up, but it’s got spoilers from both, and if nobody can read it there would be no point. ^_^

How were your Christmases/other things?