Art Museum People Can Be Jerks.

This happened. So when I went to the Cincinnati Art Museum, I was told that I couldn’t take a picture of a quote they had on the wall. This was the conversation that happened. (AMD is the Art dude.)

Me: *takes out mom’s phone to take picture*
AMD: No photography in this gallery.
Me: *turns off phone, puts it in pocket* I was just going to take a picture of the quote, actually.
AMD: You still can’t take pictures in the gallery.
(mind you, the phone was off and in my pocket)
Me: OK *takes out notebook and starts to write quote down*
AMD: No sketching, either.
(thankfully, I had finished writing it down at this time)
Me: *closes notebook huffily* OK
(then I went to find my mum and my dad)

I mean, Mister AMD could have been much politer. Thankfully, he was the only jerkface there.