What I Learned In 2013

(this post may or may not be rubbish cause I didn’t plan it or anything I’m just gonna randomly spill as much of my soul as I can muster to)

-love is freaking amazing and i don’t care who you are you are a conscious human with an ability to have your own philosophies and i am capable of loving you endlessly even if i don’t know you

-truth is possibly the most important thing on earth and you don’t need to be arrogant or fancy to be amazing. words can be even more powerful when they are simple.

-a lot of art isn’t beautiful because of how it’s made, but rather because of how it’s seen- aka art belongs to its observers.

-the world is beautiful and i don’t care what you think it has consciousness and punk rock music and bad puns and good books and fall days and nice tea and awesome plot twists and i don’t even care anymore i love the world

-it’s okay to admit your age/limits to yourself. you don’t need to be perfect yet.

-it’s easier to hate yourself than to fix yourself, but it’s more productive to fix yourself than to hate yourself.

-pain doesn’t actually last that long. most of it is stress after the fact. if you focus on your current problems only, it really helps.

-you have no obligation to be the person you were five minutes ago

-“a mosaic is made of broken pieces, but it’s still a work of art, and so are you.”