So, folks, guess what happened today?

I was trying so hard not to laugh during this dialogue.

Me: *reading You Have to Stop This while sitting in my room*
Sister: *flounces, bunny-like, onto my chair* What are you reading?
Me: *shows cover while trying to ignore and keep reading*
Sister: You have to stop this? That’s a funny name.
Me: It’s a funny book.
Sister: What’s it about?
Me: A secret.
Sister: What secret?
Me: THE Secret.
Sister: What is it?
Me: *about 30 seconds later – I’m still trying to read, mind you* What’s what?
Sister: What’s the secret?
Me: You have to read the book first.
Sister: No seriously, what is it?
Me: You have to work for it. I did. Read the books.
Sister: *now bemused* What is it.
Me: I’ll give you a hint.
Sister: What?
Me: You know it already. But you don’t know it’s a secret.
Sister: Tell me what it is.
Me: Read the books. Start with the first one.
Sister: I just want to know it!
Me: No.
Sister: …I have a wet Band-Aid here and I’m not afraid to use it.
Me: Whatever. Let me just finish the book, will you? I’m on the last chapter.
Me: Search your own mind! It’s in there somewhere, I swear!
Sister: The Band-Aid has a bit of blood on it too, I think.
Me: Ewwww.
Sister: WHAT IS IT!?
Me: Come ON, I’m only 3 pages from the end!
Sister: Fine. *sits in silence*

She’s been pestering me ever since. She hates reading, though. Think I can get her to at least start before she loses interest?