A Post

Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I have very calculated levels of respect for people. It’s that “judgment” thing again. Almost anything people do changes how much respect I have for them.

One thing I’d like to point out, before I go any further, is that my amount of respect for someone is hardly at all related to how much I like them. That’s a completely different kettle of beans there.

So, the issue I seem to be having is my lack of adequate respect for overweight people. I don’t mean like, a little teensy bit heavy (like some people in my family), more like fairly obese. There’s a sort of fuzzy line, but you know what I mean. As I’ve said, I still get along with these people just fine. In fact, throughout my life some of my closest friends have been overweight. But it’s hard to really respect and look up to these people as much as I do others. To me, weight is a very different sort of factor than skin color or physical disability (like being in a wheelchair for life or something). My judgmental problem stems from my belief that being obese can be fairly easily avoided. Just get a little bit of exercise and don’t eat way too much, and you won’t be seriously overweight. Still, I don’t want to judge people by what they look like, and usually I don’t. This is one of the few exceptions. Can any of you offer a different point of view on this topic, maybe to help me understand them better? I’ve never really gotten why people don’t control their own weight. I do understand why people like that often have trouble feeling satisfied with what they look like – what I don’t understand is why they don’t just “fix” it. Maybe it’s more difficult than it seems?

Again, disclaimer – *please don’t get mad at me for this.* It’s sort of opinionated, but I’m trying reeeeally hard not to offend anyone.