Hello, people. Happy Monday. Just kidding. Nobody likes Mondays.

So yesterday I went to a concert of the Leipzig Boy’s Choir, which I believe is the oldest choir in the world that still exists?

Anyway, it was at a church, and the pews were facing away from the choir (obviously) so while we listened, we were basically just looking around at the hall, and I was thinking about how once I had read a book, in which the main character’s dad had told her, that when he goes to a church, he becomes Christian for a short while, and when he goes to a Mosque, he becomes Muslim, and so forth. Religion is a weird thing. Because I’m one of those Atheists who believes that everyone has a God, who may not physically exist, but is one’s mind’s way of processing the guide in life that we have, you know? And religion is just fascinating because while I do not believe in it, I believe in the power of the communities it forms. And it was one of the first human processes first developed, so it may have (probably did) started the entirety of our becoming human.

And it’s so odd that humanity’s first action in this world was answering their own questions, in their own way. And it’s odd that people still do this, and in a way, this has made us people.

This has been Nina writes a post before 6 AM.