Yesterday was my birthday! Even though it wasn’t really celebrated, ’cause I already had a birthday party.
Today we had to run the mile. YAY! 😀 Okay, so I was so excited BEFORE, but DURING the mile, I felt like I was dying. 😄 But that happens every year. 😛
School is going fine, even though I’m not too fond of my science teacher and math is disgustingly easy (I’m in the average math class, not the high, advanced, “I’m going to take over the world”–quote Marguerite/Margo–math class)…But the math teacher is cool. She has sweet nail polish.
I spend most of my internet time on Goodreads now, which is ironic ’cause before, I’d never go on it. 😛 Same with Pottermore, even though for that one, I always quit after a month or two…I should probably get back to it if I feel like it…Oh Jenny…

Anyway. Stay active even though I can hardly speak for myself…

Love yourself,