I have half my Halloween costuuuume!!!
Or maybe a bit less…
Let’s see. I have the hair feather, the bow and arrows with the sheath, and the ears.
Annnnd I need the vest, the tunic, the leggings, and the boots.
So, maybe a bit less done. >_> I have all the accessories, at least.

Oh, and the ears came with ear cuffs. Now that I’ve figured out how you’re actually supposed to wear them, I really like them! *is surprised* I’m wearing both right now. ^^ You need them so the separation between the ear and your real ear doesn’t show. 🙂 I think I’m going to just wear them for fun a lot more often than the ears themselves, though.

The costume’s test trial is the Ren Faire on the 26-27th.

I’m so exciteeeeeeed!!! :mrgreen: