Ugh, a Rant

So I’m not feeling good, like achy, coughy, dizzy, not feeling good. Last night my family decides that they want to go to a restaurant about 13 miles away from our house. And we have my two-year-old cousin with me. My little cousin (who I will call Irritate) loves this little fireplace from a dollhouse that plays three little bits of music every time you press a button. It is really loud. I had a really bad headache, and Irritate decides that she’s going to push that button… the whole car ride. When we finally get to the restaurant, my mom tells me that I can’t order what I usually get, but that I have to get popcorn chicken so they don’t have to buy a whole plate for Irritate. Irritate ate over half of my plate, which was small to begin with. At least before we got in the car to go home I threw the fireplace in the trunk.

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